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BUFETE DEXEUS (now BDabogados) was founded in 1949. Ever since, it has advised companies and individuals in all areas of the law. Over the course of this time, the firm has grown to meet clients’ needs and nowadays provides integrated services that are increasingly comprehensive, specialised and multidisciplinary. Since its very beginnings, our practice has had a significant international profile, and today boasts great experience in this area of the law.

What’s more, the BDabogados team also feature professionals fluent in Europe’s most commonly-used languages (French, English, German and Italian, in addition to Spanish and Catalan), something that has made it easy for us to forge the international connections that are so vital when advising our local clients on foreign investments and our foreign ones on any issue. To bolster our ability to provide this service, we have recently set up a German Desk (which includes a German lawyer) and a French Desk, especially designed for times like these, when businesspersons, both local and foreign, are showing increased interest in boosting their presence and developing beyond their countries’ borders.

Despite this, we remain a “client-focused” and not just a “case-focused” practice. At BDabogados, our approach combines direct client contact and personalised attention with matchless efficiency. Our specialist fields and sub-fields are conveniently distributed in terms of both knowledge of the subject and the category of work, retaining at all times a global vision of client requirements. This means we can ensure a top-quality, speedy and accurate response –without this meaning increased costs. BDabogados has expanded into more specialist fields, but has nevertheless retained its core character as “general practitioner” advisors, which always allows us to retain a global vision of client needs, ensuring a harmonious fit of our actions on a particular case within an overall structure.


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