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Group logo of Prieur Stuckey & Associés Prieur Stuckey & Associés is a French legal firm; its lawyers are dedicated to corporate affairs. DYNAMIC AND COMMITTED, Prieur Stuckey & Associés works for both French and international companies. Our practices lead us to advise and defend the companies and teams of French or international directors. Our KNOW-HOW has been built up around the legal specialities, economic sectors and geographic zones which have shaped the firm’s working fields. A trustworthy and close relationship with our clients is our distinctive feature. OUR VISION AND VALUES International by vocation The firm has had an international vocation since it was founded, supported by a fully bilingual and experienced team. Our assignment is to reply to our clients’ challenges regarding investments and international developments. Working Together The firm’s organisation means we can rapidly assemble all energies and expert knowledge. Firm lawyers’ full agreement with this value creates a way of being and doing which is our common bedrock. Accordingly, we suggest that our clients consider the firm and its team as their Partner, which helps them to control and take action, establishing a trusting relationship. Being available at all times We know how to group our forces by being available to advise and assist our clients in their daily management, exceptional operations or during challenging periods. This availability implies real team work between us and our clients. Human aspect The human aspect of our profession is essential. We owe our clients availability and technical excellence, but also a search for and the creation of positive and constructive effects in the short, medium and long-term at all levels of procedures or operations.


Banking and Financial Law

Commercial litigation

Contract Law

Corporate Law

Economic Law

Information technologies

Insolvency procedures

Intellectual property Law

International trade

Labour Law

Maritime & Transport Law

Mergers and acquisitions

Tax Law


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  • Prieur et Stuckey - Paris 63, Av. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75008 Paris, FR

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Alexandra MALY

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Alexandra MALY
After a 6 month internship in the Credit Agricole SA legal department and finishing her training during six months at the Landwell legal firm in Paris, Alexandra joined Prieur & Stuckey in January 2010 and became a Partner in 2016. Alexandra MALY mainly works in corporate law: • In order to advise, accompany and assist companies in their corporate operations, in particular incorporation, transfer, merger, acquisition or restructuring operations, • and by daily corporate law monitoring for the firm’s clients, national or international companies or groups. She also defends clients in matters connected to corporate law.
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Danièle PRIEUR

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Danièle PRIEUR
Danièle Prieur worked in several renowned legal firms in Paris, Lyon and Marseille before founding the Prieur & Stuckey Firm in Marseille. Today she provides her wealth of experience to companies, their development and necessary adaptation to economic and financial changes. Foreign trade advisor for France, she led a team that wrote the work on International Contracts. She coordinates the firm’s various business operating sectors.
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Robin Stuckey

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Robin Stuckey
Of French and British origin, he began in the naval military industry where in particular he held the position of legal manager in the Toulon establishment of the Company DCNS, European expert in Complex Naval Systems. He decided to change course in 2003 to work as a lawyer for companies as part of the Marseille Bar. Since then, he has dedicated his work and skills to assisting companies as regards strategic choices when setting up, during growth, restructuring operations, negotiations and when drafting agreements that are essential for their businesses, especially in the field of new technologies and innovation law.
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